Private Mediation and Arbitration Services

Litigation is expensive, unnerving, risky, and can seem like a chaotic process over which you have little if any control. To make matters worse, it often takes years before you have your day in court.

There is an alternative.

We offer private alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services to individuals, businesses, and institutions. ADR is the smart, fast, and cost-effective way to get to a resolution, while maintaining control of expense and exposure.

Hon. Bradley J. Ferencz, J.S.C. (ret.) is a retired judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey who has tried hundreds of cases to verdict and facilitated the resolution of innumerable disputes as a judge and mediator. Shaun I. Blick is also an experienced neutral who has mediated and arbitrated countless disputes. He is a New Jersey Court Rule 1:40 qualified mediator and regularly serves as a court-appointed neutral and privately retained mediator and arbitrator.

If you or your company are considering litigation or are already ensnared in litigation and seek a way to achieve a rapid resolution while maintaining control over the process, we can help.

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Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that can be implemented when parties to a dispute have a desire to achieve a resolution, but need the assistance of a skilled neutral to get there. Sometimes that need arises as a result of an impasse, sometimes that need is part of the overall negotiating strategy, and sometimes the parties are simply looking to get a sense of what the other side wants.

Unlike arbitration, where decisions and rulings are made by an arbitrator resulting in a “winner” and a “loser”, the mediator takes no sides and remains neutral. Mediation is a negotiation process that is guided and facilitated by the mediator. Regardless of the motivation for choosing mediation, everyone usually has the same goal - to reach a resolution that they can live with, without enduring the incredible cost and risk associated with litigation.

Choosing the right mediator really does make all the difference. Our mediators are qualified in accordance with the New Jersey Rules of Court and are featured on the Superior Court of New Jersey mediator roster. We are regularly appointed by judges to serve as court-ordered mediators in cases involving all areas of civil law. In addition to our extensive court-ordered mediation work, we are often retained to convene and preside over private mediation sessions involving everything from employment disputes to personal injury claims.

A mediator’s qualifications are but one factor in the overall success of the alternative dispute resolution process. The parties must come to the negotiating table ready and willing to compromise. If you are considering mediation, we can help.

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Arbitration is another form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that offers certain benefits of litigation, such as fact discovery and motion practice, with substantially lower costs and a faster resolution. Arbitration can be compelled by a provision contained within an agreement or by mutual agreement between parties.

In arbitration, the parties to a dispute empower the arbitrator with the ability to render decisions and rulings, similar to the role of a judge. Those decisions and rulings can be binding or non-binding, depending upon the rules and type of arbitration the parties select.

Unlike litigation arbitration offers litigants the opportunity to review the qualifications of, and choose the professional that will be making important decisions for them. Arbitration also offers an expedited discovery period and a faster decision turnaround time. Less lawyer time translates to big savings in litigation costs.

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